Brad Dempsey Aims for new age by Zach Gaines

Helias Catholic High School has a new athletic director for the 2014-2015 school year. Brad Dempsey has taken over from Doug Light, who is now the Director of Student Affairs. Dempsey is a former athletic director and PE teacher at St. Joseph Cathedral School and the current head coach of the Lady Crusader soccer team.

The transition into the role of athletic director could be seen as a daunting task but Dempsey does not seem intimidated. “The biggest change is not teaching seven classes a day,” said Dempsey. “Now I’m making calls, sending contracts, and talking to whoever I need to talk to get things organized.”

He also praised his employer and expressed excitement over his new role at Helias. “Helias is great. I’ve been here three years as a coach and now I have the opportunity to come over and work with the student body and manage and organize the activities. It’s going to be a challenge. There are a lot of things going on, but I’m excited to be here in his new position.

Dempsey also spoke about who he is outside of school. “First off, I love to work hard,” he said. “My family means everything to me. I live by the philosophy faith, family, friends. My faith has helped me through a lot of adversity, as have my wife and kids.”

In keeping with his love for diligence, Dempsey said that his top priorities are communicating well and earning the trust of coaches and advisors. “This position is one where you almost have to over-communicate,” said Dempsey. “You have so many different people with needs for their program or activity and you have to get that done for them. If you don’t communicate, it can get overwhelming.”

Dempsey already has some concrete goals for Helias Catholic High School. He wants to get more kids excited about their school and get them involved in its activities. “We have so many opportunities for kids to get involved and prepare for their future. We want to promote that,” said the veteran coach. “I want to bring school spirit back to where it’s been in the past. Not to be the same, but to be different, like a new age.”


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