Blue Defeats Gold in First Volleyball Scrimmage by Shannan Schulte

The blue/gold volleyball scrimmage started off the ladies’ volleyball season. Joined by the fans, players, and coaches, the players’ scrimmage occurred on August 21, 2014, at 6:30 P.M., in the Racker’s Field House.  

Many of the varsity volleyball players have had five to ten years of experience.

“I am looking forward to watching varsity make it to state this year with a winning season with no one getting hurt,” said Katrina Farrow.

This year there is one person that has been on varsity for four years, six people returning for their third year, seven going for their second year and one that is going on her first year.

“I would like to become better as a player, be a good leader, and support the team this year to make it better and to show what we can make out of it,” Tory Wiley said. “I am looking forward to winning this year.”

During the scrimmage the gold team orchestrated a variety of digs, kills, set ups, and team play. They were the ones to receive the first point and win the game 25-15.

“I am looking forward to going farther,” Erica Haslag said. “I am also looking forward to beating JC.”

Team blue was slow getting to the ball and they suffered a loss because of it.

“I think this season is going to be good season,” said head coach Dave Harris. “They have a lot of players with a great amount of experience. There are nine people that are returning from the previous years. I think that they may be able to hit off better than last year with a 28-7 record.”


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