The Truth behind Fresh Ideas

Students and workers for Fresh Ideas continually try to find common ground on the subject of lunches. While some students complain, others are very appreciative. The Helias Fresh Ideas Director Jane Forck stated that everyone on her staff is open to suggestions and that their highest priority is pleasing the students.


For instance, a favorite meal was taken away from Fresh Ideas, and the students complained and requested that the spicy chicken be reinstated in the lunch menu. Eventually it was. “I am happy that they [Fresh Ideas] listened and compromised with what the students asked,” said junior Dane Haugen. “Although they had to raise the price, which makes sense, it really shows who’s a lover of the spicy chicken and who is a fair-weather fan.”

“The kids kept requesting it, so I worked all year to try and bring the spicy chicken back,” Miss Forck said. “I was informed that the price had risen, but we managed to bring it back for the students.” Before the popular sandwich was brought back, Forck surveyed kids at lunch asking them if they would buy the more expensive chicken if it came back.

Some students complain about how food choices such as pizza are gone when students at the end of the lunch line get there. Forck explained, “Some food can’t be revived or rewarmed for the next lunch. If we see that the pizza is going quickly we make more, but we can’t if it runs out right before the end.”

Fresh Ideas has some options that are very popular, such as the wraps. Colton Ferguson said, “They are the best wraps on this side of the Mississippi.” Forck responded, “We try to keep a variety open to the students. We are always open to new suggestions for food.”

While the student body may have some concerns about lunches, the cooks behind the process are more than willing to hear them in order to improve their overall performance. The two groups will need to work together to achieve happiness and satisfaction. Forck can be reached at

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Jared Rackers


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