Summer Jobs Dwindling for Teens

Summer jobs for teens are harder to come by, as the number of employed high schoolers has hit its lowest level in more than 20 years. The National Center for Educational Statistics says in 1990, 32 percent of high schoolers had jobs, versus just 16 percent now.  This means that teens should start looking for a job as early and as hard as possible.

When looking for a job, the type of job can mean the difference between hating work and loving it. There are all sorts of good jobs out there. A pretty popular summer job is being a life guard.  This is a good choice for those teens that are good strong swimmers. It can be a challenging position that comes with a fair share of responsibility. Completion of certification courses is required to be a life guard and is typically limited to those who are over the age of 15. This job requires a high level of maturity and professionalism, but it is a rewarding job that can help teens to develop their decision-making skills and confidence while making pretty decent money, between $9 and $10 dollars per hour. Be prepared to have what seems like long shifts of staring at water. 

Another job for those that like to be outside and to put in a good days work there is landscaping. Many people don’t have time to care for their lawns, this job is often in high-demand through the summer months. This job has mostly on the job training, long hours, and good money. But teens that aren’t afraid to get dirty and get a little sweet on their brow can reap the benefits of this business. Teens will get a good work out and fill their wallets with cash.

The question may also come up about a second job. A second job will bring in more cash, but it can also take its toll on the teens not only physically but mentally as well. If the teen does want a second job then he/she should have a little “side” job like cutting grass or babysitting in the neighborhood or something to that effect. The final choice will come down to the teen to see how much work they can handle. 

Whatever the job choice if teens are looking for a summer job they must start looking early.  These jobs will not be out there for very long because only 16 percent of teens will find jobs. So if a teen has a job for the summer he /she should be sure to make arrangements with the employer to keep it next summer.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Alex Schwinke


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