From the hallways to the roping chutes, a Ride into Clifton “Cody” White’s Life

The cow is loaded and the horses wait in the roping shoots. The crowds quiet, anxiously waiting to see a fast timed catch. With both hearts pounding the two cowboys glance at each other and with a nod bust out of the pin swinging ropes of high expectation. As the header swoops in and catches the horns the healer sweeps the legs, ending their run with the winning time. “Cody is very focused from the second he steps out of the truck at the rodeo. He knows how to give everyone a good laugh and still manage to kick our butts in the arena,” chuckled cowboy, Wyatt Miller.

Although a cowboy can’t win every time, nothing seems to stop Clifton White, senior, for giving it his best every time he’s horseback. Clifton, who we recognize as Cody, began his horse riding career at Horsen’ O’ Round. As a young buck, age 12, he got his first horse, Skeeter, and he learned to master the craftsmanship of riding horses with passion. Many of White’s competitors have a strong advantage over him because they’ve been riding and roping since they could first walk, but for Cody things were much different. Cody first picked up a rope when he was 12 at a horse summer camp, swung a rope once and was hooked. Cody practices about three times a week for a few hours each time, taking the rest of the week to give his horse and arm plenty of rest.

At first, roping for Cody was a hidden talent. He spent most of his free time roping the corners of square bales and working with his horse before people began to realize how good he actually was. Cody started Missouri High School Rodeo Association his freshman year with high hopes of making it to state finals. It wasn’t long before people started realizing that Cody never misses a steer. Not only did he make it to finals but he continued on to nationals in Wyoming. Cody also does other associations, such as Show Me Timed Event circuit, where he’s won 5 saddles and 12 belt buckles.

Not only is Cody outstanding in rodeo but he is also amazing in academics. He scored a 34 on the ACT. Along with other academic achievements, Cody is well set for a bright future in school and rodeo. When asking Cody where he sees himself in the future, he plans to go to college and continue doing what he loves, rodeo. Next time you pass Cody in the halls stop and get to know him, not only will you get a good laugh but you may also get to hear about the real passion he has for his sport.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Macy Randolph


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