Students’ Guide to Psychological help for Finals

Finals, the one thing that strikes fear into every high school student, are right around the corner.  These exams can account for as much as 20% of a student’s final grade and many students wonder why schools can be so cruel and do this to them.  Some students just blow them off while the majority is left with anxiety attacks at the end of the semester.  Here are some mind tricks to help students get that desired grade.

To boost one’s studying habits try using operant conditioning.  This conditioning is a type in which an individual’s behavior is affected by rewards and punishments. Use any event or stimuli that increase the likelihood that a behavior (studying) will occur again.  In the case of studying try using rewards.  Rewards after a student studies will increase the chances of a student wanting to study more.

One way may even be how a person dresses.  A new phenomenon is called clothing cognition.   Clothing affects how others perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves.  The saying “look better, play better” applies to this.  So going into a final looking better can affect one’s confidence and give them more of an edge.

If a student is still in need of some more psychological help, maybe putting faith into a spirit animal will help.  Dane Haugen, Helias Student Council President, is behind Finals Spirit Animals.  Mr. Haugen tweets out spirit animals for all three days of finals. These animals hopefully drive students to success with their feats.  One example is the blue whale which can eat four tons of krill a day with no problem.  Dane compares the finals to the krill and that students should “demolish ‘em like its nothing.”

Students will be scattering to find the best way to prepare themselves for the impending finals.  Students can try researching these psychological methods which have been proven to work more times than none.  If a student would also like motivational help they should follow Dane for his inspirational tweets.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Pat Ward


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