Honk! Honk! Watch out Wardsville!

A friendship?  A relationship?  A brotherhood?  All three fit for the “Wardsville Lovers”, Blake Wilbers, Todd Buschjost, and Brody Buschjost. Six years and nine months ago the three met on a river run, but they became close friends playing football in the 6th grade. According to Brody it was the start to a beautiful, lifelong, love-hate relationship that he wouldn’t trade for anything.

Lately, their time together at school and on the weekends wasn’t quite enough so the three friends built a fort together, that they call the “Castle,” in Brody Buschjost’s field. “They have a one of a kind love-hate relationship,” stated Madison Kenworthy, junior. “I just hope they love each other when they’re gathered around at the fort with a bonfire and easy access to large tools.”

When asked the question, “Are you actually in love with one another?” Todd Buschjost was quick to answer stating, “No, definitely not!” Followed by Wilber’s, “Only on Tuesdays,” and Brody Buschjost’s, “Yes we have a great, unexplainable love.” Many seemed to agree with Brody’s comment, that in fact their love for each other was unexplainable. “They’re obsessed with each other!” mentioned Weston “Cheese” Porter.

Obsessed with each other or the same girl? This remarkable friendship has had its ups and downs. One problem they’ve overcome recently is all three liking the same girl, Brooke Winge, sophomore. After all three struck out, they quickly fixated back on their friendship. “Their love for each other is unconditional,” smirked senior, Drew Leary, adding, “They will never need a girl to be happy.” 

With over six years of friendship, a few memories seem to stick out between the three of them. One night the three were at Todd’s house wanting to go to Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), so they all hopped on their bikes in the pouring rain. They biked a total of 24 miles from Todd’s house to BWW then to Blake’s house. “It was a great bonding experience,” stated Wilbers.

Another memory the three will never forget is getting in trouble with the law. “I wouldn’t want to be in the back of a cop car with anyone else,” mentioned Brody. “It was quite the experience repairing the 35 damaged mailboxes!” Any sane person can see that these three boys make some of the best decisions, like Blake’s grand idea to jump off a deck into the lake. What seemed to be a good idea for Blake at the time resulted in a devastating consequence—a hernia.

 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait. It’s Brody and Blake flying full speed down Lincoln Hill on a two seated bike with no brakes and a broken chain on “Ride your bike to School Day”. (What a life-threatening experience for the couple, if it wasn’t for Blake burning the bottoms of his shoes off trying to protect his beloved Brody, they may not have made it to school on time that day.)  “They’re the brothers you wish you never had!”  joked Lydia Linsenbardt, senior.

Head Football Coach Phil Pitts, who coached the three stated, “If the three of them had a kid, it would be a smart, sleeveless, drama queen.” So the question we’ve all been wondering, “Blake do you tan?”

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Macy Randolph


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