Helias Tennis starts a New Season

Tennis revisedHelias Crusader Tennis is off to an auspicious start this season. Having started out 4-1 it appears that they will have an amazing season. While tennis seems to be a pretty simple sport the players would disagree stating that it takes much time and effort to become a skillful tennis player.
An average day at tennis practice begins with the guys asking if they are allowed to take their shirts off and is quickly followed by Mrs. Shimkus exclaiming, “Not a chance!” Sader Tennis practices down the hill from Helias at Washington Park.
Tennis is an unappreciated sport at Helias with minimal fans at the matches and tournaments, but that doesn’t stop our team from excelling and having fun throughout the season. The tennis team consists of a fifteen guys this year.
“The team is a very close knit group of guys and we all enjoy each other’s camaraderie.” Jeremy Wolters adds, “Tennis would not be near as exciting without my teammates.” Kirk Twehous reveals that tennis is one of the most underrated and underappreciated sports when in reality is much more difficult than people expect.
Dane Haugen described his passion for the game, “Every time I step onto the court and hear the #TennisRowdies roar I know that I am where I belong and not only putting on for Christ, but also for my city and my Saders!”
“You know it’s just great coming out and playing in front of a huge crowd day in and day out. We always try to put on a show for them,” Caleb Seidel stated sarcastically. “Tennis is probably one of the more famous sports at Helias, so it is an honor to be a part of something so special.”
The team recruited another player to try out for the team his senior year and took on a new player, Holden Hirsch. “I’m really glad I decided to play tennis for Helias this year and would encourage more people to give it a try.” Hirsch imparts, “I have a dream that one day we will all look up in the Fieldhouse and see a tennis banner on the wall.”
While the team has more fun than most of the sports teams at Helias they are still very determined and one can tell by their success this season. Mr. Baer and Mrs. Shimkus continue to lead the team against all odds pushing them towards a state championship run this year.


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