Death of Blockbuster: Reign of Netflix

After a long week of stress, sometimes what sounds better than anything is sitting down on the couch for a night of one’s favorite TV show or movie. In past years, that person would’ve taken a leisurely drive over to Blockbuster and found the DVD or even VHS they desired, and after a friendly chat with the video store guy, taken the drive back home. Lately, this entire experience has been replaced with something much simpler: Netflix. Within seconds, a person is able to click and choose from a wide variety of TV shows and movies for their viewing pleasure.

With the popularity of Netflix growing, the chains of video stores people know and love have virtually been wiped out. Here in Jefferson City, one of the only places we still have to rent videos is Hastings. The same thing is happening across the US to all video stores, not enough people were coming to rent movies, so they were driven out of business. To some, they could care less about the video store experience, although others may miss the trip to get that movie they crave watching and the “old school” way it was done.

On the other hand, it can be said that Netflix makes the movie-watching process a thousand times simpler. If a person owns a Wii, Xbox, or laptop, all they have to do is set up an account and pay a monthly fee in order to enjoy an endless supply of entertainment. A faster way such as this sounds much more appealing than having to take trip after trip to the video store, and not to mention trying to remember when your movie was due to avoid a late fee. The only frequent complaint heard of about Netflix is that pesky loading bar taking far too long to stream the video, or the fury that ensues when someone is unable to find the movie they’re seeking.

Shows such as “Breaking Bad”, “Arrested Development”, “House of Cards”, and “Scandal” are just a few of the extremely popular series available to a Netflix viewer. Having these shows on Netflix has not only increased their profit, but also benefitted the shows themselves by gaining millions of viewers who never had watched the show when it was live on its network or always forgot to DVR them. “Breaking Bad” in particular has gained a substantial amount of viewers when the show was put on Netflix in September 2011. All thanks to the “late-to-the-bandwagon” fans that hopped on after the series had already made its debut.

The times certainly are changing for modern entertainment. One may miss the occasional trip to the video store, but also can’t deny the easy access that Netflix supplies. While video stores like Blockbuster may be dearly missed by some, the rest can be found curled up in a blanket picking which show from their instant queue they’ll be watching tonight.   

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Sarah Forgey


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