A Last, but Certainly not a Least, 2014 Helias Music Department Spring Show in Review

Two nights ago, on May 11, 2014, the Helias Catholic Music Department rattled the walls of the Miller Performing Arts Center. Though the weather turned stormy just before the show, seats were filled quickly by eager parents, fellow Helias students supporting their friends, and even some Helias staff members!  From the beginning of the show, at around seven o’clock pm all the way until the last bows were bent, the crowd was treated to a medley of the best of the best by the Parallel Motion Show Choir, Concert Choir, Chorus and some of the ensembles of the year.  Songs included old classics like “The Circle of Life”, “Feeling Good”, Beethoven’s “Hallelujah” and new favorites such as “Wake Me Up”, “All of Me”, “Pompeii” and even “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Solos were the highlight of the night, bringing the crowd to tears and even bringing them to their feet. Senior Weston Harris gained a standing ovation after beautifully playing his state piano piece and accompanying much of the show. The applause that followed Erin Buckingham’s almost professional performance of “Human” by Christina Perry was booming and continued even when she was off stage. The tear-jerking and hauntingly beautiful performance of Donald Hopkins and MiKayla Pitera singing “All of Me” by John Legend had the crowd loving “all of them.” In between each act the crowd was entertained and highly humored by the award-show like banter that was provided by juniors Laura Miserez and Connor Hirsh.

For some this was the last performance in Helias’ music department but, they were not allowed to walk away empty handed. Just before the senior song each senior was recognized and given a flower and a personal card from Mrs. Fox. We can be assured though, that Helias’ Choir is in good hands!  If the performances of Chorus singing “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “Circle of Life” from the “Lion King” and “Feeling Good” are any indication of the years of choir classes to follow, Helias is in for a storm of success. Soloists and freshman Jack Treu, Leah Stiefermann, Mikayla Pitera, Jordan Ehmke, and Maura Shimmens stole the hearts of all who were listening with the beautiful voices they possess.

To close a wonderful show each senior accompanied by the rest of the choirs preformed Disney’s “Let It Go.” Each senior got the chance with their own solo to wow the crowd just one last time as a part of Helias and they sure did. Seniors Samantha Sherman, Sarah Forge, Austin Lubbert, Iris Brocksmith, David Huber, Melissa Cassmeyer, Amy Schneider, Allison Reichel, Erin Buckingham, Sarah Berendzen, and Vanessa Ermitano, each sang their hearts out in their solos. Junior Mercedes Durham posted on Facebook after the show “Excellent performance by the Helias Choirs!! Great spring show!! We are going to miss all of the Seniors!”  It may have been the last show of 2014, for some the last show at all,  for Helias’ choirs but it was one of the best.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Brooke Harms


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