The Prom Top 10 Steal the Show

The seniors have voted and the results are in. The top 10 ladies were selected, and from that, the top three were selected. Melissa Cassmeyer, Kelsi Bernskoetter, Carly James, Stephanie Atkinson, Anna Hasenbeck, Casey Clogston, and Alex Prenger made up the top 10 list. Caitlin Luebbert, Abbey Verslues, and Jordyn West made up the top three, chosen by the juniors and seniors. Luebbert was crowned as Helias Catholic Prom Princess 2014. A questionnaire was sent out to all the top 10 ladies. Here is what they had to say in a question and answer format.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard you were on the top 10? Melissa Cassmeyer, escorted by first place speech team medalist Sam Kroeger, said, “I was really excited, but mostly for Stephanie Atkinson.” Abbey Verslues, escorted by Mr. Helias himself, Elijah Mayfield, joked, “Lydia was sipping on her juice box so loudly that I couldn’t hear announcements.” Carly James, escorted by vice president Adam Bexten, added, “I was plugging my nose because that’s what I do when I’m nervous or anxious; it’s a weird habit.”

Q: How do you feel about senior year ending? Fears? What are you excited for? Anna Hasenbeck, escorted by senior athlete Jared Rackers, said “It’s sad to think about senior year ending because I’m going to miss all of the people I have met and became friends with. I’m so excited though to be able to start the next adventure of my life and to meet new people.” Casey Clogston, escorted by outdoorsman Evan Block, remarked, “I am sad that this will be the last time I see most of my classmates, but I am very excited for college and to start the next chapter of my life.” Stephanie Atkinson, escorted by genius Jared Allen, sighed, “I would be sad about senior year ending if it wasn’t for my atrocious homework load. So I’m excited for my classes to be done.”

Q: What are you planning after high school? What do you hope to do in the future? Alex Prenger, escorted by senior Jacob Otto, answered, “I’m attending MU this fall, majoring in animal sciences. I plan to go on to vet school and become a large animal vet.” James added, “Going to MO State in Springfield. I hope to get over 1 million followers on Twitter and travel to Egypt to see the pyramids.” Kelsi Bernskoetter, escorted by soccer and tennis player Jeremy Wolters, said, “I’m going to Westminster and I plan on being an occupational therapist.”

Q: What has Helias meant to you over the years? What will you miss most? Jordyn West, escorted by football star Michael Tannehill, said, “Helias has been a second home to me the last four years. It has given me many opportunities to succeed in my future. I will miss going to a school where I know almost everyone.” Caitlin Luebbert, escorted by soccer player Gage West, added, “Helias has had such a huge impact on my life. I couldn’t imagine going to a public school. I will miss my friends and all the people I’ve met over the last four years.” James commented, “I will miss Mr. Dunn and his stories the most. Also wearing a skirt every day.”

Q: If you were to get married, what would the man have to be like? Clogston said, “He would have to be generous and considerate of others. Also, he has to have a good sense of humor, but must also be able to have a serious conversation. He has to be taller than me, and of course, he must be handsome.” James answered, “Just like Augustus Waters, except the terminal cancer part. (So, funny, sarcastic, handsome, brave.)” Cassmeyer responded, “Alive.”

Q: Who is your role model? Hasenbeck admitted, “My mom is my biggest role model. Actually, Jesus Chirst is probably my biggest role model, and my mom would be a close second.” Prenger stated, “Abbey Verslues—she’s just an all around good person who gets along with everyone.” Atkinson remarked, “Andrew Jackson.”

Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be? Atkinson said, “The ability to pause time kind of like Zach did in Saved by the Bell.” Hasenbeck explained, “If I could have any super power, I would want to be able to manipulate all of the elements. Because how cool would it be to make plants grow like crazy, or make it rain or snow on command. Like the people on Avatar: the Last Air Bender or Lyla off of Sky High.” Verslues dreamed, “The power to breathe underwater so I could be a mermaid with Lydia.”

Q: What are you most excited for this summer? Any big plans? Verslues bragged, “Going on a search to find the perfect fanny pack.” Cassmeyer exclaimed, “All my travels! Arizona, Europe (with the other French students), and a senior trip with friends to Florida! But mostly I am excited to sleep.” James added, “Going to Costa Rica with Mr. Wilson and others, and seeing Fall Out Boy and Paramore in St. Louis with cool people.”

Q: Any advice for the younger students on senior year? West informed, “High school will be over before you know it. Enjoy every moment and don’t wish a minute away.” Cassmeyer divulged, “If you come in late to Mrs. Seifert’s class, tell her some jokes and she’ll forget about it.” Verslues suggested, “If you don’t like wearing polos under your crewneck or fleece, just cut an old polo and make it into a uniform bib. It’s a lot comfier.”

Q: How has senioritis been for you? Atkinson answered, “Every morning getting myself out of bed is a small miracle. So I’ve been taking things one day at a time.” Clogston admitted, “Senioritis for me probably started last year, but right now it’s more of a bittersweet feeling.” Luebbert informed, “It didn’t hit me until third quarter. I started my job at Oscar’s Diner and that’s when it got worse. I managed to work through it and kept my grades up.

Q: What has been your favorite thing you were involved in at Helias? Cassmeyer answered, “Concert choir and Assassins.” Verslues claimed, “Hall running. We (me and Lydia) take our job seriously.” Hasenbeck reflected, “Throughout my time at Helias, I have been involved in Sports Medicine / Athletic Training which has been so great, especially with Mr. Dunn. Ping pong club has been one of the most fun clubs that I’ve been involved in. Sporting games like football and basketball (Rackers Rowdies) has probably been the most fun though because of all the people that came and it is such a great way to show school spirit.”

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Steven Ball


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