Saders and Sushi: The Love/Hate Relationship

Sushi: raw, squishy, and exotic. It is typically either a deep love or disdainful hate relationship with the Japanese delicacy due to its soft and squishy texture.

This is a favorite food among many Helias students. “I first tried sushi the summer of 2012 at Love Sushi when Nate Luebbert took me,” stated senior Tori Keller, adding, “I got the Crazy roll (the safe roll) and I loved the taste because it was crunchy, but now I don’t like anything crunchy or fried in my sushi because I like the squishy texture and taste so much more!”

Some students do not share this love for sushi. “I don’t like seafood to begin with, and it [sushi] was big and awkward to eat,” said senior Samantha Lindenbusch. “It’s fishiness freaked me out,” added sophomore Kylie Mulholland. “My brother forced me to eat it.”

Of course there are the Saders who won’t even come near this squishy seafood. “Seafood creeps me out, and fish are friends, not food,” said junior Tory Wiley. Junior Macy Randolph added, “I can’t stand weird smells or textures. Plus, I’ve never tried seafood and I never will.”

When asked if the girls would eat it for $100, Wiley responded, “Of course!” and Randolph concluded with “Absolutely not. You never know what’s really in it.”

Love Sushi is the hot spot for sushi in Jefferson City. Located on Missouri Boulevard, its inexpensive and authentic sushi is tough to compete with. “I’ve been to plenty of places now and it’s hard to beat Love Sushi,” praised Keller. When you walk in, the Japanese men who roll sushi at the sushi bar instantly greet you, rather enthusiastically, making the experience unique and memorable.

The typical “beginner” roll at Love Sushi is the Crazy Roll, which is simply a fried California Roll (crabmeat, creamy avocado and crunchy cucumber rolled inside-out on a bed of sushi rice). The crunchy texture makes eating sushi a little more bearable to the first timer. Senior Steven Ball, a fellow sushi lover, regularly gets the Crazy roll when he frequents Love Sushi. “I was really nervous, and honestly didn’t like it at first but it had a safe crunch to it (to be assured it wasn’t raw), and it tasted like crab meat – almost sweet.” 

Sushi is also sold at grocery stores like HyVee and Schnuck’s. Whether it’s a nice crunch or something a little softer, a sushi roll that suits seafood-loving taste buds can always be found. 

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Laura Schieber


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