An Epidemic of the “Lazies” and the “Stircrazies” sweeps through Helias Catholic

In recent months an epidemic has swept through the population of Helias Catholic High School.  Specifically Seniors, accompanied by a smaller portion of underclassmen and even a few faculty members have reported symptoms such as laziness, “stircraziness,” and just plain disgruntled attitudes.  The culprit has been most appropriately named “Senioritis,” and is not limited to only the senior class, but tends to manifest there. 

When asked who he believed “Senioritis” mainly affected Coach Phil Pitts replied prophetically, “Senioritis: A Disease that begins when you are a freshman.” Coach Campbell’s theory is as stated “Senioritis is a natural condition where seniors believe that the ‘grass will be greener on the other side’ only to find out in their later years that they miss their high school days.” While many teachers believe in the symptoms, some like Mrs. Jarman, who when asked to comment only shook her head and refused to speak, simply don’t.

In the students eyes, this epidemic is very real. Senior Samantha Sherman commented with almost pure insanity in her eyes “Get me out of here! I can’t take it anymore!” and then proceeded to have a full scale melt down at her desk. Junior Julia Frese joined in saying “Even as a junior, I want out! I can’t fathom having another year to finish out!” Most students stay the full four years and endure the perils of “Senioritis”, some graduated early, to dodge the bullet, including: Alex Trower, Bennet Rennier, Logan Oppenhiem, Micayla Strope, Kenzie Ordway and Ericka Von Holten.

The question still stands, How do you avoid “Senioritis?”  Sherman jokingly answered this question saying “Drop out or give up!” One Website that offers ways to avoid this “bug” is . They suggest little tips, such as: plan ahead for college resumes and deadlines you may encounter for scholarships, don’t obsess over the idea of college and moving on from here (in other words live in the moment), and have fun. The more you stress about it the more likely you are to get “burnt out” by the end of the year.

A plethora of students will graduate with grades they are happy with, while others may be drug down by the arms of this homework inhibiting disease. Teachers will be clawing at the doors and counting down the days to freedom while teaching classes riddled with the infected students and only receiving a small portion of the homework they decide to halfheartedly hand out.   Though only a few weeks stand between the student population, and summer morale seems to be low and the unspoken wonder of the school points to one question, “Will we make it?” Only time will tell.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 4.
The Spring/Summer Issue
May 2014

Written by Brooke Harms


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