Internet Killed Television

Charles Trippy and his wife Alli Trippy, are seen by thousands of people every day.  They are not actors, but they are YouTubers.  They have been video blogging, or “vlogging” their lives together for over four years.  They have been recording their lives daily for over 1600 days.
Charles Trippy started his first YouTube channel in 2006.  He named this channel charlestrippy.  The first video on this channel was simple.  It was his dog, Zoey, fetching a large branch out of a river.  This may seem like nothing, but it was the start of something big.  He was in college at the time, but his channel was growing bigger and bigger, YouTube even introduced him to the Partner program, and started paying him to make these videos.
After Charles and Alli met and began dating, they decided that they would try to “vlog” every day.  They didn’t know if it would work, or how long it would last, but they tried anyway.  The couple had made the channel CTFxC (Charles Trippy Family Corps) earlier and only put a few short videos on that channel.  They decided that their everyday “vlogs” would go on that channel, and, inspired by the song “Internet Killed the Video Star” by the Limousines, they called their video blog series “Internet Killed Television.”
Their first “vlog” was filmed on May 1, 2009, and was uploaded the next day.  It seemed awkward and unnatural to both if them, but that soon changed.  It soon became second-nature to both Charles and his wife.  They became more and more popular on YouTube and were gaining more recognition than ever.
Their “vlogs” have recorded many changes and major events in their lives.  On day 157, Charles proposed to Alli in Spain.  On day 874, they announced that Charles would be joining the band We The Kings as a bassist.  And on day 934, they recorded their marriage for all to see.  Things were absolutely wonderful for the couple.
Just a few weeks later, everything changed.  On day 1029, Charles had a seizure while on tour with We The Kings.  They discovered that he had a brain tumor.  While it was a hard time for everyone, Charles and Alli stayed positive.  The tumor was removed shortly after, and the doctors discovered that it was not cancerous.
Their “vlogs” never stopped.  They were rewarded on August 17, 2013, the day they recieved a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive daily videos on YouTube.  At the time, Alli was accompanying Charles on another tour with We The Kings.  Things were going well for the couple, but things would soon change again.
Charles had had a few seizures even after his brain surgury.  At first, the doctors thought it was nothing, and it would go away on its own.  This did not happen.  On day 1587, Charles announced that he would have another brain surgury.  The doctors had not removed all of the tumor the first time, in order to avoid damaging his motor skills.  This time Charles would be awake during surgury.  Both Charles and his wife stayed positive, and on day 1601, Charles made history by “vlogging” during his brain surgury.  The surgury went well, and 98 percent of the tumor was removed.
Charles’ luck didn’t last.  On day 1617, October 3rd of 2013, Cahrles and Alli told all their viewers that the tumor was now malignant.  Charles has since started chemotherapy.  He still stays positive, encouraging his viewers to trash-talk the cancer through YouTube comments on day 1640.  The couple has also started selling a line of t-shirts on their online store,, amd giving all proceeds to brain cancer reseach funds.
Charles and Alli have continued the “vlogs” and plan to continue them for a long time.  They are a big part of their viewers’ lives just as their viewers are a big part of theirs.  Their viewers have laughed and cried with them. They have shared life experiences.  They have been there with Charles and Alli for over four years.  Charles and Alli Trippy are more than just entertainers to these viewers, they are family.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 2
The Christmas Wrapping Paper Issue
December 2013
Addison Lucas


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