Crusaders In Blazers

A fresh idea is blazing through the halls of Helias.  While our current uniform has several options , there is an important article of clothing which is sorely missed: blazers.  Blazers are a fashionable and comfortable way to appear sophisticated and educated.  The addition of a navy blue blazer, available for both men and women, would have several favorable outcomes.
Helias Catholic High School believes in the enforcement of a student appearance code for several reasons.  These reasons include a feeling of equality, a visible sense of school unity and identity, and a contribution to the professional atmosphere that should exist in a school.  This summary of Helias’ stance on uniforms can be found on page 6 of every student’s planner along with a list of approved uniform articles.  However, this list leaves something to be desired: blazers.
A blazer would provide an option for the student who finds himself wanting to look nicer, but stay warm.  The Helias pullovers are a great option… if you’re bald.  They are hair magnets.  Many students squander precious class time by picking hairs off the backs of students around them.  If a student does not wish to attract hair all day long, he can wear the Helias sweatshirt.  This sweatshirt is something I frequently nap in.  Sweats do not look professional.  The third option for cold students is the sweater, which should actually be called the threadbare coverup because it is too thin to provide any warmth whatsoever.  A blazer is warm AND looks professional.
Blazers would mesh perfectly with the rest of our uniform.  They would be a wonderful addition to any version of the Helias look.  They meet every expectation of the uniform as written in the handbook.  So why havn’t we always had them?  Some could argue that a blazer would show the difference of wealth among students.  A blazer would, obviously, not come cheap.  Perhaps, only the wealthiest of families could afford to buy one.  To those people, I would like to point out that the fleece hair magnets are nearly $40 as are the girl’s culottes.  Also, tuition is at nearly $5,000.  An extra $40-$80 will not make a huge difference to many.
If there are people who want to wear a blazer, they should be able to!  Students of Helias in the 2014-2015 school year should have the option of this professional, fashionable piece.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 2
The Christmas Wrapping Paper Issue
December 2013
Laura Miserez


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