Today’s World in the Classroom

Many adults have complained that the youth of this generation doesn’t know enough about what all is going on in the world. They believe that very few high school students stay up with the news and what is happening in today’s world. Numerous teachers have said it would be very beneficial if students watched the news. Helias’s own Mr. Martin has helped with this epidemic with his new class “Writing for Publication.” Mr. Martin has been making students read numerous newspaper articles for his class. He has even picked out news articles that he found interesting and has read them to the class to get the students input on them.
This process of Mr. Martins is having an unintended effect on his students. “I felt that reading these articles in class it has helped me grasp more of what is going on in Syria.” said Nick McCutchen. Mr. Martin has read about Syria to the class a few times not knowing that besides showing the students the style of the article, he is helping inform his students on world issues.
Mr. Martin has started off the new class by making it very informative for the students. Many of the class’s students have said that they recommend the class to any student wanting to excel in writing or to even those who just love journalism.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6. Num. 1.
The “Home” coming for the Holidays Issue
October 2013
Logan Oppenheim


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