The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

From the first play of the Powderpuff football game till the end of the dance, the campus of Helias Catholic rang with School Spirit last week. Even though Homecoming came early this year, there were no reservations in the festivities. This year’s theme, Holidays, proved to be a theme full of options for the students.
The week started out on Sunday with the annual Powderpuff games, in which girls play football, and Powerpuff games, in which boys play volleyball. This year it was a winning sweep for the Juniors. They beat the Seniors in volleyball and football for the first time in a long time. It was a very close game, but, in the end, since the Freshman Class did not have enough players for volleyball, the Juniors played the Sophomores and won again. Also, the Freshman beat the Sophomores in football.
Dress up day is the day that dress code is thrown completely away. Students are allowed to wear a full costume with a holiday theme. Helias saw everything from Indians to Leprechauns roaming the halls on Thursday. The overall winner of the best costume contest was Matt Lorang, who was dressed as a very patriotic eagle.
Classes on Friday were only 30 minutes as the pep assembly approached. The assembly was kicked off with a prayer by Father Viviano, National Anthem sung by the Concert Choir and the senior sports players running in, following history teacher, Coach Pickering dressed as Santa. The assembly was filled with games and performances by Father Viviano, HDX, and the cheerleaders. The assembly ended with a pep talk by Coach Pitts.
Friday Night, the parade began downtown. Throughout the week, students worked on their class float. This year, the Sophomores pulled out a win with their Thanksgiving float. After the parade, the bonfire was just getting started. Coach Pitts and the football captains gave a short talk before lighting the fire. Shortly after the fire settled down, students ran to the hill to sit and watch fireworks.
There was a lot of doubt among the students whether or not the Sader Football Team could win the Homecoming game this year. But in this exciting game, our football team beat the mighty Rockbridge Bruins, 59-21.
On Sunday afternoon the Governors Garden was filled with students all taking pictures with one another. Afterward, groups went to eat dinner before the dance, some with small groups, others with large! At 8:00 P.M. the dance started. The student council had decked the gym and lobby with holiday décor. This year, lines for the photo booth were long, proving that it was the spotlight of the dance.
“Homcoming this year was a success.” said Senior Abby Rockers, as she cleaned up the ashes from the bonfire on the Monday after Homecoming. On Tuesday, October 8, Helias was back on its normal schedule, one could tell that students were worn out from last week’s Homecoming cheer.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 1
The “Home” coming for the Holidays Issue
October 2013
Connor Hirsch


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