The Man, The Myth, The Awkward Guy in the Crowd — A Sit Down with Wyatt Porter

Wyatt Porter, or “Burger” as referred to by some of his friends, the Helias Crusader starting quarterback, has thrown a touchdown pass not only on the football field but among the Helias Catholic students as well.  However his shyness comes to as surprise to many Helias students.  He began his high school career down the street at Jefferson City High School, but switched because of having more opportunities at Helias.  Having broken numerous school records, Porter foundbhis comfort zone on the field but may appear to be a little “different” off of it.
There’s more to Wyatt Porter than his quarterback persona, like his extreme shyness in large social situations.  “He generally keeps to himself most of the time when he’s around people he doesn’t know,” said Ryan Tannehill.  That shyness may be due to his quirky sense of humor.  Porter is a fan of the show “Trailer Park Boys” which was a major success among the people of Canada.  How he discovered the show in the first place, we may never know.  Porter also has an impressive argumentative side.  “Well my brothers always wanted to get into it with me,” said Porter, adding, “so I learned at an early age how to argue and handle myself around them.” Just by an interview with Porter, I could tell he was questioning every word that was coming out of my mouth.  Several students already know all too well about his arguing abilities.  Class president, Nate Jones and fellow football player Pat Ward are two of his favorite people to duel with.  Topis such as politics, religion, and the overall meaning of life can be heard being debated at any time of the day.
In addition to the arguing abilities, Burger possesses a unique musical appreciation.  By going through his iPod you can see the musical stylings of the southern rock band, The Allman Brothers, and upon scrolling down you can come across the classical composer, Chopin.
“I wish Bob Seager never would’ve gotten old, his voice was so youthful and soulful,” commented Burger.  On top of listening to music, Porter enjoys singing as well.  It is something the quarterback does not care to do much in public, but when he is by himself or among friends he lets the notes fly.
Singing, arguing, extremely different music tastes, and quirky humor may seem a lot different than the stereotypical high school star quarterback, but to Wyatt Porter, awkwardness is quite normal.

The Crusader Raid, Vol.6, Num. 2
The Christmas Wrapping Paper Issue
December 2013
Michael Tannehill


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