The Class of 2017

The graduating class of 2017 has arrived, and they have brought 168 new faces to Helias. With many new people, there is a wide variety of new and unique personalites and talent. There are athletes, academic wizzes, class clowns, and everything else one can think of. Everyone has their own place to excel in and their own area of expertise. The Crusader Raid went to find out what the freshman class thinks of Helias so far. They discovered that the freshman are enjoying Helias. The freshman relish how there are more activities to do, and clubs to join. The students also delight in having more privileges and responsibilities, and it is a pleasure to meet new people. Cross-country member, Ethan Rackers said, “I enjoy how we are like a team, and that everyone is very welcoming.”
“I want our class to bring leadershipfrom the students and be responsible,” Maura Shimmens responded. Shimmens also voiced that the freshman class should be unique for being themselves. Other freshman explained that they want their class to bring enthusiasm for learning and become good, responsible, Christian citizens.
The Crusader Raid interviewed senior Abby Rockers for advice on how to excel during high school. “Be one hundred percent yourself,” said Rockers. “That should always be enough. Don’t sell yourself short.” She also expressed how important it is to be in a group of friends you’re comfortable with, and to always find friends who will always back you up. “Friends make you who you are,” Rockers conveyed. “It’s important to try your best, a good grade point average and ACT score is really important for college.” Lastly, Rockers left us with the words, “Without God as number one in your life, you’ll never be successful.”
Other ways to get the most out of high school include getting involved and going all out. Joining clubs and participating with Homecoming Week and Spring Fever Week are great ways to have fun and get involved.
Freshman should remember, first impressions are everything. They should make the most out of their first year of high school, and respect their fellow classmates. As Vince Lombardi said, “The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary.” Work hard and make it a successful four years!

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 1
The “Home” coming for the Holidays Issue
October 2013
Chris Wilbers


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