Second is the Best

Being elected to the topten is considered to be a position of great accomplishment and honor, worthy to be included on a college application. Voted on by the senior class, the 2013 Helias Homecoming Top Ten consisted of: Baylee Francka, Mackenzie Casten, Abby Rockers, Rebecca Roberts, Paige Bange, Anna Hasenbeck, Melissa Cassmeyer, Eli Schneiders, Hannah Dudenhoeffer and Tori Keller (respectively).
The Homecoming Court included: Baylee Francka, Abby Rockers, Mackenzie Casten, and Paige Bange. Baylee Francka was given the ultimate privilege as Homecoming Queen.
The dark horse in the race this year was no other than soft spoken and self proclaimed baddest ‘girl’ around, Melissa Cassmeyer. Cassmeyer says she was very surprised when it was announced she made the top ten. Cassmeyer stated she is very happy and thankful to be elected to the Top Ten but grateful not to be on the Homecoming Court. “I think this is enough time in the spotlight for me,” she said.
Melissa Cassmeyer and Anna Hasenbeck both have one thing in common: royalty runs in their blood. Both Cassmeyer’s and Hasenbeck’s aunts were on homecoming courts. Melissa wore her aunt’s black hat as a good luck charm. Even with their family backrounds both ladies felt intimidated. “Thursday was very intimidating walking in front of everyone,” Anna mentioned, “!I was praying I wouldn’t fall down!”
A standout group elected to the Top Ten was three best friends, Mackenzie Casten, Abby Rockers, and Queen Baylee Francka. The threesome has been inseperable since attending school together at St. Martins. “It’s made us even closer and made us realize how awesome our friendship is,” Casten said, adding, “and definitely made me more thankful for all of my friends.” A friend Casten may be talking about is Elisa, a foreign exchange student from Mexico that attended Helias last year. Casten has enjoyed her Spanish classes tremendously over the span of her high school career enough to consider studying abroad in a Spanish speaking country such as Mexico or Ecuador. “Listening to Elisa talk about her home made me really want to go and see what it’s like other places besides just here.”
“Have fun and be yourself!” Eli Schneiders said when asking about giving advice to lower classmen. Advice that each girl stuck to, a trait which is admired by many and no doubt one of the many reasons these ladies were chosen to be a part of the Top Ten. Schneiders added, “Strive on a positive attitude in every situation, live life to the fullest and be that person who someone said ‘because of you, I didn’t give up.'”

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 1
The “Home” coming for the Holidays Issue
October 2013
Mary Kate Hafner


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