Parentbook: The New Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that has been around for several of years, but is rapidly decreasing in popularity among teenagers.  The main reason for this is the increasing number of accounts being made by adult family members of the teenagers.  Sometimes, Facebook is good to have an easy, accessible way to communicate with distant relatives, but for many teens, this can get a bit overwhelming when adults know every little detail of their lives.
When a teenager has family on Facebook, it can be difficult to express their thoughts and feelings without the worry of being judged. This is why teens are now turning to new and different social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram, because not as many adults know about these, or how they work. This makes it easier for kids to express themselves and not have to worry about the consequences.
According to an article on, “Facebook is drama central, so many kids are now turning to different social media sites that don’t focus only on how many likes one gets on a picture.”  Another option is Twitter, which has been around for quite a while, and is consistently growing in users.  This is a quick, and easy way to post your thoughts about various things. Many people rant or “sub tweet” about other people or things, which can get annoying at times. That is the only downfall to Twitter.
Instagram is a relaxed social media website created for only sharing photos, so it keeps most of the drama out of it.  You can apply various filters to the photos and make them look professional. This makes Instagram a place for photos, and Twitter for statuses. Both of these websites are slowly but surely taking away from the quantity of Facebook users.
Facebook has now become the social media choice for adults, and teens prefer Twitter and Instagram, when looking for privacy when posting.  If this trend continues, Facebook for teens will be obsolete.  Twitter and Instagram will continue to grow in popularity amongst the younger crowd.  There is still some hope left for Facebook to exist, but more as a networking site for adults to catch up with friends and family, and not for teens to post to their friends.

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 1
The “Home” coming for the Holidays Issue
October 2013
LeighAnna Hentges


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