Let Music Live!

The Helias Catholic High School Music Department has worked very hard all year long, leading up to the Spring Competition Season. This year was filled with surprises and great honors as the students and directors traveled to Central Methodist University (CMU) in Fayette, for their first competition. Performing in front of one judge, Chorus earned a II rating, on a scale of I-V; I being the best, V being the worst. Performing in front of several judges, the Concert Band, and Concert Choir, both were honored with I ratings.
Anticipation grew as all three groups prepared for the State Music Festival, only a few weeks later. Rehearsals for District Solo and Ensemble Competition (which was to take place the same week as State Large Ensemble) began tediously working students to their highest potential, and in the end it paid off. Taking approximately 22 students to State Solo and Ensemble Competition, Helias Music was well represented by its talented performers who competed against many schools from all over Missouri.
At the State Large Ensemble Competition, the Concert Band earned a I rating, as did the Concert Choir, and Women’s Choir. Very few large ensembles are exceptional enough to recieve such an honor, and Helias students again, proved to excel in the Fine Arts Program.
With hearts of passion, the Music Department recently traveled to Chicago, Illinois, where students participated in the Heritage Festival. Parallel Motion recieved a Silver Award, with soloist Connor Hirsch credited with a special award, being the only vocalist to have achieved this. The Concert Choir was blessed with a III Gold Award, one of the highest rewards in the Festival.
Performing in concert for the last time this year, the Choirs will all make an appearance on March 13th at Miller Performing Arts Center, for a Spring Show. Performances will include numbers such as: Some Nights (Fun), Mama Who Bore Me (Spring Awakening), Reflection (Mulan), and a Medley from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. Other acts will consist of various solos and ensembles of students, showcasing their personal talents. A year of success in music ends with a beautiful proclamation, Soli Deo Glora! Glory to God Alone!

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 5, Num. 4
The School’s out for Summer Issue
May 2013
Cayla Carr


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