Helias’ Herbivores

When walking through the lunch line many students attack chicken, devour the sausage and pepperoni pizza, and crunch those tacos like a hungry teenager was created to do.  But to the select few it is only the salad bar that tantalizes and satisfies their hunger.  But just why are students spending their green on some green?
“It started in 8th grade. Mom made ribs on the bone and it grossed me out, soon after I gave it (meat) up for Lent and just found out that it was easy,” said junior Laura Miserez. “Ever since then I’ve been a vegetarian.”
Some students, however, have more of an ethical reason for straying from meat.  Senior Cody Amos stated, “I don’t like the idea of animals being raised just to kill.”  Some chose it just by influence.  Cody went on to say that he listened to many musicians that were also fellow vegetarians.
Former vegetarian Connor Hirsch said, “A few of my friends were vegetarians and I decided to give it a try.” However, Hirsch did not follow the vegetarian guidelines for healthy eating and soon was becoming very irritable and realized it wasn’t for him.  “After the two months without chicken, I fell into a deep depression and couldn’t holdout any longer.”  He went on to say that it was a good experience and it lead to healthier eating habits.
A big conflict with being a vegetarian is a lack of protein that meat provides.  Some alternatives are as simple as protein pills and iron tablets to keep those essential nutrients. There are other exotic foods besides the typical tofu that vegetarians can eat.  Amos says he enjoys quinoa which is a food some carnivores aren’t used to.  Another suitable option is boca, the core product for a veggie burger.  “We don’t just eat salads.” noted Miserez.
For teenage vegetarians it can be quite challenging sticking to a solid meatless meal plan when one’s parents are heavily in charge of meals at their household.  The Helias Herbivores all agree that it takes a real family effort to keep the veggie life on track.  Support from family and friends make the lifestyle easier but the sinful thoughts of meat still linger in their minds.  When asked what delicacy they miss the most, they uniformly said, “Chicken!”

The Crusader Raid, Vol. 6, Num. 2
The Christmas Wrapping Paper Issue
December 2013
Colton Ferguson


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