A Look Into The Spotlight — Passion Makes Performance

After performing since he was in Kindergarten, Sean Moise, a sophomore at Park Hill High School in Kansas City, hit it big when he landed the part of Enoch Snow Jr. in the Living Room Theatre Production of Carousel
The young actor, who has been performing in professional theatre since 8th grade, was honored with the role and made the best of it, marking it as a stepping stone on his way to success, “I honestly am very proud of myself,” said Moise, “as I’d never done a musical before and had never really danced before, so to do both of those I’m pretty proud.”  When referring to how the audience felt about the performance in Carousel, the student proclaimed, “I think it all depends on the audience. We had over 16,000 people see the show and I know in my heart that every audience member who paid attention to the show and understod the story, I feel like their lives were changed; I know mine was for sure. We reached out to people from all over who got to go and spread the word on how they felt.”
In the Living Room Theatre Production at the Kansas City Rep, the stage was styled in a very distinctive manner, where hanging lightbulbs were used in various aspects to tell the story, “The significance of the light bulbs was so important to our version of the show, because it didnt just represent stars, or wasn’t a creative way to enter the stage, or even as the lights on the carousel. They were meant to be there so you could discover for yourself what they mean; because for each person it’s different, but equally important.” remarked the performer.
However, Moise wasn’t the only person involved in the production; the greatest inspiration to his career in acting was none other than the director of Carousel himself. “Kyle Hatley brings so much passion into everything he does, and makes everyone, no matter what the part, feel special and important, which is something most people can’t do.”
Wanting to shed some light upon those contemplating whether to get involved in theatre or not, Moise explains, “Theatre is whatever you want it to be. But it’s not at all easy. It’s a dedication; you have to be able to give 100% because otherwise you won’t be satisfied. You have to learn to be a team player and commit, and then I can honestly say it’s the best thing you could ever experience.”
Theatre can change one’s life for the better, proving thus, the actor speaks of his experience within the context of the musical, “When we did the first read through and I was completely unfamiliar with the story; when I heard the plot and music, I could already feel it taking hold of me. It’s just so full of this conflict of love and abuse that we still see present in the world today. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ in just that phrase I’ve finally realized that I will always have someone there for me, and that you never have to be alone in your fears, or problems, or doubts.”
Aspiring to pursue an exceptional career in theatre, Moise expresses his excitement for future plans he longs to follow, “Acting is my passion, and what I want to do. There is this quote by Walt Disney, ‘All dreams can come true if we have the power to pursue them,'” he said, “and I know that theatre will always play an important role in my life, but the best and worst part about theatre is, you never know what’s coming next.”

Crusader Raid, Vol. 5, Num. 4
The School’s out for Summer Issue
May 2013
Cayla Carr


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